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Tricia Mahoney developed The She to She Movement as a philanthropic extension of her style and inspiration companies, StylishShe and InspireShe. The sole mission is To Inspire Love, Strength, Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Trust and Truth via gifting, ‘She to She.’


StylishShe Philanthropy via The ‘She to She’ Movement

StylishShe donated $21,000 worth of StylishShe apparel to Dress for Success. The first donation was on Valentines Day, 2014:

“I am thrilled to be partnering with Dress for Success and gifting forward, She to She. Our mission is to empower women, inside and out. Donating clothing and books to Dress for Success clients allows us to magnify our message of love, strength, empowerment and inspiration. To be able to gift-forward on Valentines Day, the one day of the year dedicated to celebrating love, is perfection.” – Tricia Mahoney, PowerShe SheEo and Founder.

The journey of inspiration continued with a second donation of more than 850 pieces of StylishShe clothing to the Dress for Success enterprise. Donations were made coast to coast in cities including Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, LA and Dallas. “Our vision, mission and tagline is of StylishShe is ‘Empowering Women. Inside and Out’  and in order for us to truly ‘walk the walk’ we had to empower big.” Mahoney says.

Tricia Mahoney, Chief Brand Officer & Founder explains, “I needed to continue on my path of boldness and fearlessness. My own truth is that I developed the clothing line to heal, build and empower.  I did that that,  first for me, and now for others.”

This donation represents who we are and what we do – EMPOWER WOMEN. INSIDE AND OUT. We are SHE’s inspiring SHE’s: She Inspired!

Our message is simple; if you can – do!

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InspireShe Philanthropy via The ‘She to She’ Movement

The giving starts here: InspireShe to give away more than five hundred ‘To Inspire’ necklaces over a period of twelve months beginning Oct, 2013 – a value of more than $23,500.

Some of our nominations:

“I have recently discovered that life is an incredibly tricky place, and in order to love another, you have to love yourself. It has only been in the past few weeks that I have truly purged myself of the evil, toxic, and harmful aspects of my life and have learned to let go of what I can not control. I hope to use this newfound love for myself to inspire others and to help them feel loved as well.”

“(She) is a beautiful, smart, hard-working, loving mother of two great boys. She is going through a very difficult time right now but I know she is going to come out of this happier and stronger than ever. I would love to nominate her for a To Inspire Strength necklace to remind her of the strength that she has within!!!”

“(She) is a beautiful, smart, funny and brave woman who recently lost the love of her life. Everyday she makes a conscious choice to try and be as happy as she be can that day. I would like to nominate her for an Inspire Necklace… To Inspire Love.”

“(She) is one of the most inspiring women I know. She is an amazing mom, a wonderful wife & daughter and an absolutely lovely friend. She gives more of herself than anyone I have ever met, she is involved in more things than I can count and she gives 100% all the time. Regardless of what she is doing, you always feel that you have her undivided attention. She would truly do anything for anyone. She is a true inspiration to many and I am so grateful I can call her friend.”

Learn more about She to She via InspireShe