Hi, I’m Tricia

Strategic leader. Creative Thinker Bold Visionary.

My professional career has been that of branding and marketing others brands, but my truest passion is Trust the Path, my brand. Trust the Path includes my book, screenplay and blog.

Over the past 14 years I have navigated my personal journey of healing. What started with my divorce quickly exposed that not only my marriage was broken but so was I. During this time I authored Trust the Path the book and am now writing its companioning screenplay. I am seeking representation.


Tricia’s 25 years of agency-side and client-side experience spans apparel, fashion, footwear, philanthropy, financial services, publishing, storytelling and technology.

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Tricia is a two-time published author. She has written her third book, Trust the Path, and is drafting its companioning TV/Movie script. She is seeking representation. 


Tricia Mahoney, author of Trust the Path, is available for speaking engagements. Sharing her process and tools, Tricia helps others embark on their own path towards healing and purpose.

The path to self-rediscovery

Trust the Path is my story of navigating personal crisis and how I found healing, spirit, purpose, and truth along the way.

A difficult divorce rocked me to my core. I was dark, desperate, and lost. Part of my healing process was writing. It was my way of working through the tornado of emotions I was consumed by and setting free my internal dialog. By putting words to my emotions it allowed me to feel heard and acknowledged. This book and screenplay details my journey to personal truth and the realization that sometimes the path back to oneself starts in the most unlikely places.